Port Said University at COP 27

For the third day, Port Said University is present at COP 27 at Sharm el- Sheikh under the presidential of Prof. Ayman Mohamed to attend Science Day at the Blue Zone in Horus Hall. The event was honored by the attendance of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Minister of Health, and the Minister of Education. After that, Prof. Ayman Mohamed welcomed Professor Arkan Otrakos, university of Strathclyde, and the principal researcher for the English side of the winning project, which represents the university. The President of the University was accompanied by Prof. Islam Amin.

Notably to say, the winning project “Floating Photovoltaic Cells” is the result of a fruitful cooperation between Port Said University and the University of Strathclyde in England, with the support of the Egyptian Science and Technology Development Fund and its counterpart, Newton of England.  The teams are:

  • Egyptian Team headed by the principal researcher, Prof. Nabil El-Minshawy, professor at the Faculty of Engineering, and the project consultant support, Prof. Ayman Mohamed, with the membership of Dr Amin Bassam, Dr Yasser El-Hanawy, Dr Heba Youssef Suleiman, and Eng. Amr Osama
  •  The English side, with the membership of Prof. Arkan Otrakos, principal researcher Prof.  Islam Amin, project coordinator, Dr Selda Otrakus, and Eng. Andrew.