AMLTA 2022

Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, accompanied with Dr Prof. Rawia Rizq, vice-president for postgraduate studies, inaugurated the 8th International Conference on Advanced Machine Learning, Technologies, and Applications. The inaugurating was attended by And Dr Prof. Abu El-Ela Atifi Hassanein, president and founder of the Egyptian Scientific Research School, in cooperation with the…

Closing of the Training Camp

This morning witnessed the closing of the activities of the training camp “Digital Transformation and Community Entrepreneurship” at Port Said University, which was held under the auspice of Dr Prof. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, Dr Prof. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and Dr Prof. Rawya…

Best Performing Instructors

Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, congratulates Huawei team on the occasion of winning the second rank in the top ten instructors for the second time respectively. Notably to say, this evaluation is based on the organization of the periodical trainings, number of instructors, and the number of those with international certificates.                     

Grand Prize for PSU

Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, held a reception for Eng. Yosry Altam, CIO of Huawei Academy, in the occasion of celebrating the winning of the grand prize in the annual conference for Huawei.  The reception was attended by Dr Prof. Hasan Mohamed Hasan, dean of the faculty of engineering, and Dr Heba…

Dr Khalid Habib Speech

Dr Khalid Habib gave a word parsing the great efforts exerted by Port Said University Huawei Academy team. Dr Khalid Habib gave special thanks to Dr Ghada Labib, minister of telecommunication, Shimaa el- Kafrawy, influence communication, and Mona Abuel- Ela, leader, for their important role and great efforts and support.