Eni 2022

Eni 2022 is a prize granted for the African students with master degree or any other academic degree qualifying for the PhD from an Italian university. Eni is a full funded scholarship for PhD for three years.  Deadline for subscription is November 12, 2021 All documents should be submitted by November 26, 2021 Click Here…


Fulbright is announcing the opening for the initiatives of the community collages program for graduates of high school and institutes in the field of agriculture, business administration, early learning, health, tourism, technology, applied engineering, and mass media. More Info Website        

Tsinghua Scholarship 2021

Tsinghua University provides a fully funded master scholarship in different field of system management. Applicants should meet the deadline of September 21st 2021. 

Queensland 2021

The Faculty of law, Queensland University, provides partially funded scholarship in law, as candidates should meet the deadline of October 10th 2021. 

ENU Scholarship

Edinburgh Napier University launches fully funded PhD scholarships in cardiovascular health and mental health. Applicants should meet the deadline of July 31st 2021.    

IU Scholarship 2021

IU provides partially funded scholarship- bachelor or master degrees- in applied sciene for students from all over the world. Candidates should meet the deadline of July 31, 2021.

Sheikh Zayed Award 2021-2022

Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Truism launches Sheikh Zayed Award for Writers in different fields of literature. Applicants should meet the deadline of October 1st 2021.  

Monash Scholarship 2021

Monash University offers a partially funded scholarship to obtain master and PhD in the different fields of specialization. Candidates should meet the deadline of August 31, 2021.