Activities of PSU’s Participation in COP27

Port Said University contributed to the COP 27 on the day dedicated to the fifth goal of the sustainable development goals with a radio interview with Prof. Rawya Rizk, vice-president for postgraduate studies and scientific research. The interview was conducted life by the Egyptian Radio to explain the university’s contribution to the climate change case and the efforts made to become a sustainable university under the auspices of Prof. Ayman Mohamed, President of the University, in addition to the role of scientific research at the university in the climate change case.

Prof. Rawya Rizk was accompanied by Prof. Islam Amin, a professor in the naval architecture and marine engineering department at the university, where he presented how to take advantage of the movement resulting from waves to generate energy, in addition to presenting many ideas of research projects at the university in this concern. Engineer Ahmed Reda, the assistant minister of commerce and industry and supervisor of the centers of technology and industrial innovation, visited the university’s exhibition at the conference praised the research projects carried out by the university and recommended the necessity of linking the university and industry, and that he would seek to work with the university in order to achieve this link. Eng. Ahmad Reda was in the reception of Prof. Rawya Rizk, Prof. Mohamed Bassiouni, professor of chemical engineering and Director of the Natural Gas Program and Director of the Energy Center, and Dr Mohamed El-Sakka, department of mechanical engineering.