Workshop Open Access Agreement in Egypt – All you need to know

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Topic: Open Access Agreement in Egypt – All you need to know

Duration: an hour

Date: November 13th at 12.00 PM Cairo time.

Introduction: Open Access for Egypt

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Open Access Funding

Publish OA with Springer Nature and the Author Journey


Lecturer: Leen Samarah – Account Development Manager – Springer Nature

Leen is an MSc degree holder from university of Huddersfield specializing in Marketing and has worked in the academic publishing field for more than 10 years where she closely worked with researchers and faculty members to grow awareness on how to best benefit from library resources aiming to enable the librarians and researchers with the needed tools to advance discovery. Her journey with Springer Nature has started in 2020 where she is dedicated to educating young scientists and researchers on publishing trusted research with Springer Nature and on growing awareness towards the benefits of open science.

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