University and Industry Integration Forum خلال مشاركته بمنتدى تكامل الجامعة والصناعة. رئيس جامعة بورسعيد يعلن موعد افتتاح كلية العلاج الطبيعي .

Port Said University President: The University provided scientific research to serve the community equivalent to 50 million pounds

Prof. Ayman Ibrahim participated in the University and Society Integration Forum, which was held under his auspice and Major General Adel Al-Ghadban, Governor of Port Said, which is held annually on the sidelines of Port Said Engineering Day. During his participation in the University and Industry Integration Forum, the President of the University, announced the opening of the Faculty of Physiotherapy very soon, and confirmed that the university is ready to receive students wishing to join the faculty. Then, in his word, Prof. Taha Ibrahim, dean of the faculty of engineering, confirmed that the University and Industry Integration Forum is evidence of how the faculty of Engineering works to keep pace with the development and modernization taking place in the labor market, and that the faculty of Engineering is working on permanent communication with various companies and factories to present their permanent advanced capabilities, so that society come to know that a graduate of the Faculty Engineering has advanced capabilities, and can work diligently in conjunction with global engineering developments.