Minister of Higher Education at PSU Expo

Prof. Ayman Ashour, minister of higher education checked on Port Said University Expo, which is supervised by the university’s participating delegation headed by Prof. Rawya Rizk, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, and in the presence of Prof. Islam Shaalan, CIO of Information at the University, Prof. Mohamed Farouk, Communications Department, Faculty of Engineering, and a team from the Computer and Communications Engineering programs. He listened to an explanation of the university’s research and applied innovations and projects in all technological fields in which it was participated.

Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, expressed his happiness at participating in this exhibition and valuing the responsibility towards the educational process within the university and working on developing research and applied projects.

It is worth noting that the exhibition witnesses the participation of a number of Egyptian universities with Port Said University, as the universities of Cairo, Sadat City, Banha, and Tanta.