Financial Directorate…New Headquarter

In the frame of the mutual cooperation between Port Said University and Port Said Financial Directorate, Dr Prof. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim, president of the university accompanied Dr Prof. Mohamed Moeit, minister of finance, Sir Major General Adel Alghadban, governor of Port Said, and Accountant Emad Awaad, director of accounting and finance at the ministry of finance, and participated in opening the new headquarter of the financial directorate. The new head quarter is one of the developed edifices of the ministry of finance coping with the new digital system at Port Said governorate. Alongside the inauguration, a workshop was held to update the curriculum of the faculty of commerce to cope with the new policies of the ministry of finance.  The workshop was attended by Ms Shama Sherdy, head of the central administration, Dr Prof. Ahmad Abdul Rahman, dean of the faculty of commerce, and a number of the faculty staff. On this occasion, the Minister of finance awarded the shield of the financial directory to the President of the University who in return awarded the university shield to Dr Prof. Mohamed Moeit, minister of finance, to consolidate the bonds of mutual cooperation.