East Port Said University

Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, visited East Port Said University to check on the latest updates. The President of the University was accompanied by Dr Prof. Rawia Rizq, vice-president for postgraduate studies, Dr Prof. Galal Salem, vice-president for education and student affairs, Dr Prof. Hasan Mohamed, dean of the faculty of engineering, Dr Prof. Khalid Sabry, dean of the faculty of medicine, Dr Prof. Mohamed el- Shiekhy, coordinator of East Port Said University, Ms Samia el- Moselhy, secretary of the university, and members of the university staff. The gusts were in the reception of Sir major General Mustafa Zakaria, head of Military Engineers Department, and Sir Colonel Hany Nabil, head of the project.

During the visit, the President of the University praised the commitment to the completion rates of the construction works, which are going according to the timetables with high efficiency and quality, so that the study at the university can start on the scheduled time.