Congratulations on Membership

Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, submits sincere congratulations to the members of Port Said University staff selected for the Permanent Scientific Committees for Promotions 2022-2025:

  1. Dr Prof. Heba el- Sayed, Faculty of Engineering
  2. Dr Prof. Ahmad Ibrahim, Faculty of Engineering
  3. Dr Prof. Yaser Ahmad, Faculty of Engineering
  4. Dr Prof. Abdul Allah Sayed,  Faculty of Commerce
  5. Dr Prof. Abdul Raouf Ahmad, Faculty of Management Technology and Information Systems
  6. Dr Prof. Ihab Mahmoud, Faculty of Medicine
  7. Dr Prof. Fareed Abu Zaid, Faculty of Science
  8. Dr Prof. Abdul Sabour Mansour, Faculty of Education
  9. Dr Prof. Maha Zakaria, Faculty of Specific education
  10. Dr Prof. Mahmoud Abdul Fatah, Faculty of Specific Education