Documents and papers required to apply for postgraduate studies for Egyptian students

To apply for postgraduate studies at one of the faculties of Port Said University, Egyptian students need to submit the following papers and documents:

1- Application for enrollment (a form requested from the Department of Graduate Studies in the College).
2- Birth certificate.
3- Four (4) personal photos (4 × 6).
4- Position on military service.
5- The approval of the employer for government, public or private workers, and for non-workers, a recent copy of the ID card and a declaration not to work in any agency.
6- A certificate of the university qualification obtained.

7- A certificate of the student’s grades in the four years of the bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree.
8- For holders of a postgraduate diploma, a temporary diploma certificate.
9- A master’s degree for holders of a master’s degree and applicants for registration for a doctoral degree.
10- A declaration by the student that he is not enrolled in any diploma or any other university degree, whether in the same college or in any other college of the universities of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
12- Obtaining a certificate of proficiency in the English language “TOEFL preparation”, with a total of 450 MA degrees, and 500 PhD degrees, upon registration.

Note: Port Said University approves the English language proficiency certificate issued from the following places only:
University Language Centers.
Public Service Center at Suez Canal University.
Al-Amid East.

British center .