SCU Meeting

The Supreme Council of Universities, under the presidential of Dr Khalid Abdul Ghafour, minister of higher education and research, held its meeting on Thursday, September 3, 2020 via video conference. The meeting was attended by presidents of the universities and Dr Mohamed Abdul Latif, chairman of the supreme council of universities. During the meeting, they discussed the executive steps and the timetable for establishing the community colleges according to the recommendations of the President Abdul Fatah Al- Sisi. The recommendation of the President Abdul Fatah Al- Sisi included the establishment of ten community colleges subordinate to the governmental universities as follow: Suez Canal Community College at the east zone in Ismailia, Port Said Community College at Alsalam City, Banha Community College, Helwan International Applied College, Bani Suif Community College, Minia Community College, Mansura Community College, Assuit Community College, Aswan Community College, and Sohag Community College.   

Moreover, the meeting agreed on the requests submitted by the Presidents of Zaqaziq University, South Valley University, and Al Fayoum University concerning establishing community colleges subordinate to their universities.