SCU at Alexandria University

The supreme council of universities held its periodical meeting on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The meeting was held under the presidential of Dr Prof. Ayman Ashour, minister of higher education and research, and was attended by Dr Prof. Mohamad Latif, chairman for the supreme council of universities, and presidents of the universities. The council commenced with congratulations to Dr Prof. Ayman Ashour on his assignment as the minister of higher education and Dr Prof. Khalid Abdul Ghafar as the minister of health.  Then, thanked the Benha University family, headed by Dr Prof. Abdul Aziz Qunsowa, President of the University, to host the meeting of the Supreme Council of Universities. The minister clarified the features of the executive plan of the ministry’s work to develop the higher education and scientific research system, especially providing higher education opportunities related to the needs of the labor market, the interest of Egyptian universities in establishing international partnerships with prestigious international universities, attention to inter-study programs, and adding new study programs to meet the needs of the market. Moreover, the Minister asserted on the continuation of efforts to develop university hospitals, and paying attention to the quality in universities and institutes, the digital transformation of universities, and the international students studying in Egyptian universities in a way that supports Egypt’s soft power in the field of higher education. Also The Minister directed the importance of continuing the efforts of universities in preparation for the new academic year 2022/2023, and the speedy completion of all maintenance operations for buildings, auditoriums, classrooms, laboratories and dormitories, and emphasizing safety and security standards in all university facilities.