Max Weber Program for Postdoctoral Studies

The Max Weber Program is the largest international and most innovative postdoctoral program in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe. It offers around 60 fully funded Fellowships to suitably qualified researchers from anywhere in the world who work in or across the relevant disciplines of the EUI (Economics, History, Law and Social and Political Sciences and their subfields). The working language of the Program is English.

The aim of the MWP is to provide Fellows with the experience of membership of a vibrant academic community, to which they make a central contribution. It is unique in offering a structured Programe covering all aspects of an academic career, including support for academic writing in English, applying for research grants,  the opportunity to teach in some of Europe’s leading universities and to develop a strategy for a successful approach to the academic labour market. The Program consists of two components: multidisciplinary research and academic practice.

– Economy
– Law
– Humanities
– History
– Political Sciences
– Social Sciences
– Sociology


  • Basic Grant 2,000 EUR per month
  • All Fellows receive 1000 EUR a year for eligible research expenses, such as attendance at conferences. An additional 500 EUR can be awarded at the discretion of the Director for Fellows on the job market. Economics fellows on the job market in the second or third year receive 2000 EUR.
  • Family Allowance: A household allowance (up to 300 EUR per month is paid to Fellows with a partner & 200 EUR per month for each dependent child) if they live with the Fellow in Florence and on condition that the partner’s income is less than 2,000 EUR per month.
  • Economy class airfare, First-class rail or traveling by car is reimbursed (1,200 EUR maximum) to the Fellows (not their families) for the incoming trip from their place of origin to Florence, and for the outgoing trip to their destination at the end of their fellowship.
  1. Family Allowance: A household allowance (up to 300 EUR per month is paid to Fellows with a partner & 200 EUR per month for each dependent child) if they live with the Fellow in Florence and on condition that the partner’s income is less than 2,000 EUR per month.
  2. Fellows in the Departments of Economics (ECO) and Political and Social Sciences (SPS) who stay on for a second year may have the possibility of applying for a Part-time professor contract (level PR9/1) for 12 months involving some teaching duties and mentoring PhD researchers, subject to the teaching needs of the department. The gross remuneration would be approximately 820 EUR after deductions.
    Required Documents:
    Application form
    Biography:  With a list of publications in PDF format.
    Research proposal: Clear and well-structured, with well-defined and realistic goals that can be achieved during the term of the fellowship (2 pages as a PDF file).
    Recommendation Letter: The names of at least two academic referees and three as a maximum. References will not be accepted after the deadline. References from current full-time or part-time EUI professors will not be accepted.
    Academic Career Statement (2 pages as PDF file ) to explain why you believe the MW program, and in particular academic practice activities, will benefit you. It should indicate your research and teaching interests, experiences, and career plans.
    How to apply:

    First Step: Register from here to create a new account and start your application.

    Second Step: You have to follow the following steps to submit your application:

    • Add your Personal and contact details
    • Choose the Programme that you will enroll for
    • Add your referees and send requests to them
    • Add your academic Background, Academic Interests, languages
    • Attach the required documents

    Third step: Review and submit your application.


    • Referees can write reference letters in their own language, but references in English or French guarantee the widest possible reading.
    • If referees prefer to submit their reference letters by email, they can contact:
    • Candidates with funding from an external source or self-funded are welcome to apply before 25 March 2021 and will be selected according to the same criteria and procedures. The application (CV, Career Statement, Research Proposal and proof of funding, all in PDF format) will be sent to and two confidential letters of reference send directly to the same email.
    • English certificate is not requested as part of the application, but successful candidates will be requested to provide a certificate/supporting document on registration.
    • Successful candidates will be asked to provide supporting documents for academic career interruption for maternity or paternity leave, illness or mandatory military service.
    • For more information about English proficiency requirements, click here.
    • For more information about the fellowship benefits, click here.
    • For more information about the selection criteria and procedure and research activities of the EUI Departments, click here.
    • For more information about the application process, click here.
    • If you have questions, email them at