Following up on the seventh day newspaper of Port Said University’s decision regarding exempting university city students from paying expenses during the exam period

The Seventh Day newspaper on Port Said University reported that university city students were exempted from paying fees during the exam period. Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, decided to exempt male and female students from the university city from paying accommodation fees for the period students spend in the university city during the residency period, which may reach about a month.

Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, said in exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the university has taken all preventive and precautionary measures during the examination period for the final years of the academic year 2019/2020 in the various colleges and institutes of the university in order to confront the emerging corona virus and implement the instructions of Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Dr. Jalal Salem, Vice President of Port Said University for Student Affairs and Education, added to “The Seventh Day” that 13 colleges have been disinfected and sterilized to receive 6000 students, adding that students will not be allowed to enter except with masks, as well as that the committees do not exceed 14 students instead of 30 and only The distance shall be not less than two and a half meters. And he continued: There are the same precautionary and preventive measures in university cities to measure the temperature, taking into account that each student is accommodated in the room as a maximum, as well as packaging the students’ meals to ensure their safety.

On his part, Jalal Salem stressed that the exams start tomorrow, Wednesday, except for the Faculties of Arts and Specific Education, and the exams will start in them on June 2, 2020. On the other hand, he confirmed that the results of the students of the transportation stage are being evaluated in preparation for announcing the results, respectively, as their rate reached 99%

Earlier, Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, confirmed during special statements for the “seventh day” that an integrated plan for preventive measures was developed during the 3-week exam period in order to ensure the safety of students, workers and faculty members while applying all standards aimed at achieving safety for all with Taking into account the sterilization and periodic disinfection of the examination committees of 13 theoretical and practical colleges in the cities of Port Said and Port Fouad.

He pointed out that taking into account the application of social distancing in the committees and reducing the number of students examined to 15 students in addition to leaving a distance of not less than one and a half meters between the examiners in each committee in addition to distributing masks to students and measuring the temperature when entering each college through 20 temperature measuring devices to make sure. From everyone’s safety.

The President of Port Said University said that research messages are being received by students of the transfer years in 13 scientific and theoretical faculties as an alternative to the semester exams, as the research and selection of topics were determined by the subject professor and through the “online” as well as setting a timetable for the research that is evaluated by the committee to correct Subject. He added that it is possible for more than one student to participate in the research messages within the framework of the rules set by the professor of the subject, each according to its nature.

He continued that every professor left a period of time to deal with and discuss students with problems that may encounter them to guide them in writing research papers each according to specialization and the nature of each theoretical or practical college as well as giving the student an opportunity to re-evaluate the research for the second time. Next year . On the other hand, the President of Port Said University affirmed that research messages are currently being delivered to students in the transfer years, respectively, until the end of the deadline for delivery, adding that the field indicators confirm that the percentage of the delivery of research messages is more than 70%, wishing all the university students success .