Equal Opportunities and people with Special Needs

Together forward brighter future free of violence against women and people with special needs

What is a disability?

Disability in general is a functional, physical, sensory or mental loss or failure, total or partial, permanent or temporary, resulting from a birth defect or an accident, or acquired from a condition that lasted more than it should last.

What is verbal abuse?

Verbal abuse is harsh and painful words, the effects of which may be deposited deep in the psyche of a person. The individual may forget the pain of beating after a few minutes, but it is difficult for him\her to forget the verbal insult that may leave in his\her mind unfortunate traces.

The language we use reflects the extent of our respect and acceptance of the other, and the use of appropriate language when speaking and communicating with and about people with special needs, is an essential step towards building a diverse and inclusive society that accepts all its members, with their differences.

say and don't say

Correct terms for people with disabilities
cancel, no, symbol-47588.jpg
Don't say handicapped, disabled
accept, yes, checkmark-47587.jpg
Say women with disabilities or women and girls with disabilities
cancel, no, symbol-47588.jpg
Don't say different
accept, yes, checkmark-47587.jpg
Say Disability
Behavior towards women with special needs

not alone

 Have you been abused and need help?

  • If you feel threatened, frightened or need help, please reach out to:
  • Women’s Complaint Office, hotline: 0808883888
  • National Council for Women, hotline: 15115 / 01007525600
  • Cairo Center for Development and Human Rights, hotline: 01210009192

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