Entrepreneurship Camp

Under the auspice of Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, and Dr Prof. Mahmoud Saqr, president of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, the entrepreneurship club is organizing the second training camp” Foreseeing the future of entrepreneurship and future opportunities for work”.  The camp is under the supervision of Dr Prof. Rawia Rizq, vice-president for postgraduate studies and scientific research, and Dr Prof. Mohamed Zaien, head of the club, and the presence of Dr Prof. Galal Salem, vice-president for education and student affairs. The camp is targeting the faculty staff, assistants, researchers, and graduate students. Lectures during this event were presented by, Dr Wafa Abdul Rasheed, head of entrepreneurship clubs, and Dr Mohamed Ramadan, head of Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators Academy. By the end of the camp, the President of the University honored the winner projects and asserted on the importance of encouraging the free work via entrepreneurship.