Enrollment procedures for graduate studies programs

The following regulations are applied to the procedures for registering for postgraduate studies at the university, taking into account the provisions of the articles of the Universities Organization Law No. 49 of 1971.
1- Registration for a master’s or doctoral degree is required to follow the systems stipulated in the internal regulations of the various university faculties for admission to postgraduate studies. Registration is open annually from August 15 to September 15, and colleges are obligated to send admission documents to graduate students at a date decided by the Council of Graduate Studies and Research in light of The start and closing date of the application for registration (taking into account the internal regulations of the credit hour system), provided that the registration is approved within two weeks of the closing of the registration door.

  1. The number of those admitted to postgraduate studies (Diploma – Master – PhD) is determined in light of the numbers of faculty members in the various departments as follows:
  • Registration and registration for the doctoral degree are not opened unless there is at least a stadium in the concerned department, taking into account the proportionality between the number of students and the number of professors in each department.
  • Enrollment and registration for a master’s degree is not open for students unless there is at least an assistant stadium in the concerned department
  • An exception is made for the teaching assistants, teaching assistants, and specialists in faculties of nursing from university students.
  • This applies as of the 2012/2013 academic year
  1. Applicants for postgraduate studies from outside the university are allowed to register as approved by the internal regulations of the colleges with the obligation to register within the scope of the research departments’ plan, provided that they finance the research.
  2. It is not permissible to enroll in the master’s and doctoral degrees to anyone other than the members of the assisting body when the faculty members of the concerned department are available for numbers of less than three students and five students with regard to enrollment in the diploma.
  3. The maximum limit for stopping registration in postgraduate studies is two years at most, and registration may be suspended for a third year with the approval of Mr. Prof. / the President of the University after the subject is presented to the University Council based on the Universities Organization Law. Its regulations.
  1. In the event of the cancellation of the registration for the enrolled students who are registered for a degree (Diploma – Master – PhD), they may not be registered again to the same degree for which the student is registered or to other degrees except after a year has passed from the date of the College Board’s approval of the cancellation, unless the cancellation was made by the Disciplinary Board.
  2. The university offers annual scholarships to some students applying from abroad, exempt from the research support fee, so that the number of these students does not exceed 10% of the enrolled students. The annual scholarship is renewed for the student who obtained it after following up on his academic status and determining the degree of his academic progress.
  3. The authorization of Prof. Dr. / Vice President of the University to renew the scholarship for scholarship students based on the annual report of their study progress and upon the approval of Prof. / Dean of the College.