E- Marketing Workshop

Within the framework of achieving the goals of the National Alliance for Civil Development, the Center for Entrepreneurship Innovation and Creativity at Port Said University launched an initiative in partnership with the Port Said civil society, in cooperation with the Small Enterprises Development Agency. The initiative provided a workshop entitled “Electronic Marketing for Micro Enterprises”. This is under the auspices of Prof. Dr Ayman Ibrahim – President of Port Said University and Prof. Dr Rawya Rizk – Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies, in the presence of: Prof. Dr Weam Othman – Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship Creativity and Innovation at Port Said University and Dr Wael Hamed – Head of the Enterprise Development Agency, and Mr. Magdy Al-Naqeeb – Secretary General of the Islamic Aid Society, Mr Sabri Al-Makawi – Secretary of the Islamic Association, Mr Sami Al-Rashidi – Vice President of the Islamic Association and a group of Port Said civil society members and faculty members at the university.