Cooperation Protocol

Dr Prof. Shams el- Din Mohamed Shaheen, president of Port Said University, and Dr Prof. Galal Salem, vice-president for students and educational affairs, hosted the reception of Dr Prof. Taie Abdul Latif, advisor to the minister of higher education for student activities and general supervisor of the Leadership Development Institute in Helwan, and Dr Myada Abdul Qader, coordinator of the protocol, to sign a mutual cooperation protocol between Port Said University and the Institute for Leadership Development in Helwan. The protocol aims to develop an integrated plan between Port Said University and the Institute for Leadership Development in Helwan to educate and prepare youth leaders able to contribute to building the state, in addition to supporting entrepreneurship programs for the university students.

In this frame, the university will establish a leadership preparation center aiming to implement the programs of the Leadership Development Institute, which includes seminars and meetings, and the establishment of committees to help the center perform its tasks such as the Committee for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Human Development, Public Relations, Citizenship and Activities Information, financing, resource development and the needs of people with disabilities Special requirements.

On this occasion, Dr Prof. Dr. Shams El Din Mohamed Shaheen, President of Port Said University, expressed his happiness for signing this protocol, based on the mission of the university to prepare youths who are able to assume responsibility and are well prepared to face the labor market.