CIO Meeting

Under the auspice of Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, and Dr Prof. Rawia Rizq, vice-president for postgraduate studies and scientific research, the inauguration of the Chief of Information Executives and the Executive Committee for Training at the Supreme Council of Universities took place. The meeting was attended by Dr Prof. Hesham Farouq, Assistant Minister of Higher Education, Dr Prof. Ramy Iskander, vice-president for the Electronic and Knowledge Services Center at SCU, Dr Mohamed Hassan, head of the central training unit at SCU, Eng. Naser el- Amir, head of Digital Transformation Unit, Ms Samia el- Mouselhy, general secretary of the university, Dr Islam Shalan, CIO at Port Said University, and Dr Amr el- Atroush, head of the Training Unit at Port Said University.