Awards on the 9th Theatre Carnival

Dr Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, president of the university, and Dr Prof. Galal Salem, vice-president for students and educational affairs, witnessed the closing ceremony of the awarding of the 9th Theater Carnival of Port Said University organized by the general directory of student welfare department within the period from 13 to 23 December. The ceremony was held at the university club and witnessed the attendance of Dr Tamer el- Said, general coordinator of the student activities, and the department supervisors from the different faculties. The head of committee announced the results for the participating performances as follow:

Faculty of Commerce wins the First Place Cup, Direction by Mr Mohamed El-Maliki

Faculty of Education wins the Second Place Cup, Direction by Mr Tariq Hasan

Faculty of Arts wins the Third Place Cup, Direction by Mr Ahmad Adam

After the announcement, the President of the University thanked and praised the efforts exerted by the participants.