A Visit to East Port Said University

Prof. Ayman Ibrahim, President of Port Said University, accompanied by Ms Samia Moselhi, Secretary General of the University, checked on the facilities of the Community University in East Port Said to find out about the latest construction developments and the university’s logistical preparations.

The President of the University stressed on the importance to complete some work and preparations to quickly receive all students enrolled in the university this year, while providing all means of comfort within the campus and its buildings.

In a related context, the Secretary General of the University confirmed that the administrative apparatus is working at full capacity in order to complete the rest of the administrative positions within the University and the Student Affairs Department works daily to respond to students’ inquiries and facilitate all their procedures.

It is noteworthy that East Port Said University received students this year for the academic semester of this year for the Faculties of Medicine and Construction Engineering, with approximately one male and a female student, and the reception of the rest of the specializations and departments will be completed.