4th Training camp for Entrepreneurship Club

Port Said University hosted the experts of the Fund for the Care of Innovators and Geniuses related to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, led by Dr. Maged Ghanima, advisor to the Executive Director of the Fund, to conduct training in the fourth training camp at the university. In a speech, Dr Prof. Mohamed Zain, the club’s director, indicated that 322 male and female students and 54 faculty members attended, and that the Entrepreneurship Club implemented several activities and a number of training camps to build the capabilities of entrepreneurs through lectures by experts in entrepreneurship.

Dr Prof. Rawya Rizk, Vice- President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, indicated that entrepreneurship and small projects are the future, and the university is working to spread and promote a culture of innovation among our priorities at the moment to form student and faculty awareness.

In the speech of Dr Prof. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim, the president of the university, expressed his happiness with the activity of the Entrepreneurship Club at the university and its development in the field of entrepreneurship and small projects, then, thanked those in charge of the club at the university, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zain, club director, Prof. Heba Abdel-Aty, deputy director of the club.