1st Arabic Citation Index

The launch of the first Arabic citations index, which aims to:

·         Introduce the Arab intellectual production outside the Arab world, where bibliographic research data, including the abstract, are available in both Arabic and English.

·         Enhance the opportunities for citation to Arabic magazines internationally that impacts the Arab academic community significantly.

·         The launch of an objective impact factor for Arab magazines that is calculated through accurate information systems.

·         Effectively support for the classification of Arab universities in many international classifications, which includes evaluation criteria that have an impact factor.

·         Identify distinguished Arab researchers and enhancing their opportunities for funding and support.

Index Database Features

·         Provide a multilingual interface (9 languages), including Arabic.

·         Provide a system for calculating the number of reference citations for each article and thus the ability to generate an objective impact factor for journals.

·         Provide research data in both Arabic and English.

·         Offer access to the full text of the research.

·         Advanced search through Field Tages and multiple parameters.

·         Creating citation reports with an advanced system that provides detailed data with the ability to export it.

·         Provide advanced tool for analyzing results.

 And many more advanced features.