Port Said University

Quality Education is a Human Right and Confronting Extremist Ideology

In the frame of celebrating the International Human Rights Day, the President of Port Said University inaugurates the symposium (Quality Education is a Human Right and Confronting Extremist Ideology). The symposium is under the auspice of Dr Prof. Ahmad Abdul Rahman, dean of the faculty of commerce, and the organization of the department of community services and environmental affairs headed by Dr Prof. Weam Othman. The symposium was lectured by Mahmoud Basiony, member of the National Council for Human Rights, Sheikh Ibrahim Lutfy, Ex-Director General of Advocacy and Religious Media at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and the Priest Luqa Abdul Malak. By the end of the day, the President of the University awarded the guests and the lecturers the university shield as an appreciation for their contribution to the society.