Of the University

President for the University

Dr Prof. Emad Yahiya Abdul Galiel

Vice- President for Education and Student Affairs

Dr Prof. Atif Mohammad Alam el- Din

Vice- President for Community Service and Environmental Development

Dr Prof. Inas Ibrahim al-Sheikh

Vice President for Post Graduate and Researc

Dr Prof. Rashed Sabrey el- Qassabey

Dean of the Faculty of Education

Dr Prof. Huda Abdul Hameed

Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education

Dr Prof. Ibrahim Khalaf Abu Zaid

Dean of the Faculty of Commerce

Dr Prof. Mohammad Ahmad Abdul Naiem

Dean of the Faculty of Science

Dr Prof. Sameer Abdul Hady Abdul Maqsoud Mohammad

Dean of the faculty of Kindergarten

Dr Prof. Amal Arabawey Mahdey

Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education

Dr Prof. Maha zakaria Abdel Rahman

Dean of the Higher Institution of Management and Computer

Dr Prof. Ahmad el- Sayed Ali Nassif

Dean of the Faculty of Nursi

Dr Prof. Mohammad Abdul Hameed Abdul Monem Metawe

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Dr Prof. Mohammad Mohammad el- Ghandour

Dean of the Faculty od Arts

Dr Prof. Mohammad Nagey Helal

Head of Projects Management Unit

Dr Prof. Amal Arabawey Mahdey

General Secretary of the University and Secretary of the Council

Ms. Nanaa Mohamed Khalifa

From the outside of the University

Minister of the International Cooperation

Ms. Minister Faiza Abu el- Naga

Head of Suez Canal Authority

Vice- Admiral Ahmad Ali Fadel

Governor of Port Said

Minister Admiral Ahmad Abdu Allah

Chairman of Kapci Coatings Company

Engineer Mohammad Mohammad el- Sayed