The university is seeking to achieve its mission through the following aims:

- Continuous development for the educational and postgraduates programs to insure the quality of the graduates to cope with the age requirements

- Effective use of the university available possibilities to upgrade the graduates scientifically and practically and develop and increase the community services

- Upgrade the administration level of the university through electronic administration in a way that strengths the relation among its faculties and linking it with other local, regional, and international educational institution

- Either to develop unique educational programs or new educational faculties and institutions leads the university to accreditation, and local and regional competitions

- Establishing specialized scientific centers for developing and effective training, community services, and developing and advancing the cultural process

- Providing an atmosphere of creativity and strengthen noble values that keep the society fabric and progress- such as national loyalty, ideals, and ethics- the  effective and scientific progress for the society, and solutions for the problems that impede society progression through purposeful research projects