Dr. Shams El-Din Mohamed Shahe

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As part of the efforts of Port Said University to provide its students with direct and indirect services, it was a meeting headed by Prof. Dr. Shams Elden Mohamed Shaheen, President of Port Said University, was attended by Prof. Dr. Maha Abdel Rahman, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, and Ms. Najla Adwar, Rapporteur of the National Council for Women Port Said Branch and the members of the unit anti-violence against women. The unit was formed by a decision of Dr. Shams in order to raise the awareness of female students about the seriousness of violence against women because it represents negative aspects for girls and society as well as their rights and how to reach solutions to their problems, whether public or personal.

The meeting addressed the preparation of many seminars, workshops, research, conferences and competitions in order to identify the objectives of the unit, the services it can offer students and its program, and how to develop and train those interested in women's rights, violence against them and raise the moral values of students.